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Retro Machina Wallpaper Pack

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Retro Machina Wallpaper Pack – a collection of 8 high-quality wallpapers that pay homage to iconic hardware. Transform your iPhone lock screen with nostalgic representations of legendary devices like the Gameboy, iPod, TE and a Sony Amplifier, and anticipate the upcoming additions of the Gameboy Color and Sony Discman.

Each wallpaper brings a touch of vintage flair to your iphone and the nostalgia of gaming with the Gameboy, relive the music revolution with the iPod, and celebrate the sleek design of the Teenage Engineering devices. The Sony Amplifier adds a touch of classic audio sophistication.

High-quality resolution tailored for your iPhone, your screen will showcase the intricate details of these retro icons. Don't miss out on the chance to personalize your device with a touch of history.


No reselling, distribution or commercial use. No refunds.

You will get a ZIP (16MB) file

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