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๐• Twitter app icon for MacOS and iOS.

High quality PNG files.



If you'd like me to design an app icon for your app, please shoot me a message at


Copyright Disclaimer

This alternative icon for X Inc.aka ๐• (formerly Twitter) is an original creation and is not affiliated, endorsed, or sponsored by Twitter, Inc. The icon is designed for personal use and customization of user interfaces on personal devices. It is not intended to replace the official X Inc.aka ๐• (formerly Twitter) icon, nor does it replicate its exact design or features.

The use of the term โ€œ๐•โ€ in this context is solely for descriptive purposes to indicate compatibility and purpose of use for the icon. This product is not an official product of Twitter, Inc. and should not be misconstrued as such.

All rights to the X Inc.aka ๐• (formerly Twitter) name and trademarks remain the property of X, Inc. This alternative icon is an independent work intended for aesthetic purposes and customization by the user. It is sold under the assumption that its use will not be misleading, nor will it infringe upon the trademark rights of X Inc.aka ๐• (formerly Twitter)as governed under U.S. law.

Purchasers and users of this icon agree to use it in a manner that respects X Inc.aka ๐• (formerly Twitter), trademarks and adheres to local and international copyright laws. The creator of this icon disclaims any liability for misuse or unauthorized use that infringes on Xโ€™s Inc.aka ๐• (formerly Twitter) intellectual property rights.

You will get the following files:
  • PNG (273KB)
  • PNG (277KB)
  • PNG (233KB)
  • PNG (206KB)
  • PNG (261KB)
  • PNG (257KB)
  • PNG (268KB)
  • PNG (265KB)
  • PNG (263KB)
  • PNG (262KB)
  • PNG (263KB)
  • PNG (264KB)

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